House of the Phoenix inspires women 18-35 that are creative, cultural changemakers and
transformational brands to embody the fullness of their personal and professional potential.

With the rise of awareness of Neurodiversity, we offer alternative education, approaches and modalities and cross-cultural holistic practices that offer forward thinking
approaches to assist transformational impact.

We provide holistic
and culturally sensitive mental healthcare and education eradicating the stigma
surrounding paranormal experiences.

About Us

We hold sacred space for all belief systems and believe in a universal source that we all can connect with and have different ways of expressing. Through this, we aim to become a bridge where all faiths and cultures can unite under the intention of collective healing.

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We offer a range of services dedicated to bridging the realms of Mental health, Ancient Wisdom Practices and Creative Expression.

We aim to become the
epicentre for expansive creative and self development with excellence,
integrity and authentically at the heart of our vision.

What we Do

House of the Phoenix
UK is sounding the alarm for equality and reformation in societal ideas and
systems that are oppressive to neurodiverse creatives and individuals across
the arts, health business and personal growth sectors. 

We all have the
power to change the world starting with self.

Magical Women of Influence Retreat

A Luxury 5 day experience of transformation taking you into your deepest depths and into your highest heights. In Collaboration with Magical Woman University as we build the bridge between the UK and USA.

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The Sacred Healers Medicine Wheel

A monthly connection of holistic rehabilitation where we can come together, sharpen each others iron, hold each other accountable to our growth, assisting in the healing and restoration of our Mind, Body and Soul.

Inner Realms Academy

A transformational hub for those committed to developing a life of spiritual intimacy and self discovery with holistic spiritual practice. We provide educational resources and bi monthly sacred ceremonies.


We provide metaphysical consultations that supports individuals in the midst of spiritual crisis through intuitive, shamanic and astrological guidance.

We believe that there are practical explanations for paranormal influences that can impact our lives.

We bridge the all matters outside of self to the roots within self and the generational line.

Masterclasses and Group Coaching

Transformational workshops and masterclasses centered on personal growth and spiritual development.

Providing metaphysical and ethical teachings for truth seekers, practioners and leaders

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Phoenix Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is designed to assist your own business model as a holistic business, healer, coach or influencer with resources and tools that can assist with tangibly impacting your communities.

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Have an opportunity to earn as you grow in your own understanding of the Principals of the Phoenix, and sharing the message naturally with your audiences and those around you.

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