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Friday 20th May

The Temple of Obsidian Masterclass

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* Filmed Friday May 20th 2022 - 11.30 GMT/ 6.30 EST... This is a replay*
The Temple of Obsidian is our Temple of Inner Light
Also known as the Dark Healing  Chamber it is the sacred space that is created by an initiate at the beginning of entering into a path of spiritual devotion.  This is a regenerative space to where we cultivate the altar within that we can always return to at will.
This path calls for amplified intention as you begin to enter into the path of a Priest/Priestess. .The level of devotion to the path comes from your level of devotion to yourself. Are you devoted enough to hold a sacred space of honesty within yourself?
This is where we feel safe enough to explore the mysteries of our own 'underworlds' exploring the reflection, cause and effect it has on the 'upper world'
Where we meet the dark elements of ourselves within
Where we meet our light within
We see the reflection of our enemy within
The Temple of Black Obsidian is a ruthlessly honest place of raw love and healing, truly profound and lasting. Deep relief and transformation can occur here. Black obsidian is protective and revealing. It will prevent harm from external or internal forces, but it will also reveal that which has been lurking in the shadows of the Self, trying to avoid being brought out into the open for fear of condemnation. The biggest challenge we can face in entering the Temple of Black Obsidian is our own unwillingness to love and accept all parts of us.
This is for;
- Those ready to commit deeper to themselves and their spiritual journey
- Those ready to begin to expand into a more advanced form of Soul Development
- Those ready to take on and embody the full mantle of their power responsibly.
You Will Learn;
- How to operate from a space of 'non-judgement'
- Navigating the discovery of deep hidden truths
- How to sit and embrace all aspects of self
- To deepen your connection, commitment and devotion to yourself and your spiritual path
- How to a create sacred space within self to magnetise truth into your life