About True Self Project

The True Self Project is the innovative answer to the merge of the process of self discovery and personal branding.

Our mission is to inspire authenticity within the creative, spiritual and corporate industries by offering services and creating awareness on the importance of self discovery and how it can strengthen your foundation for your personal branding.

Our goal is to cultivate a culture of authenticity, transformation and truth empowering the multidimensional change agents of today.

We provide high quality resources, artistic enhancement and consultancy in self, and in business development whilst fulfilling our mission of inspiring 1 million people to bring honesty, personability and relatability to individuals in their everyday life.

We blend the art of astrology and the power of coaching to identify the blueprint of your purpose and how this best can be presented to the world.

We believe self management is the key to success and so we empower our clients with necessary self management and regulation techniques to ensure the trajectory of their personal growth.

Inner Realms

Inner Realms Academy is a transformational hub for those committed to developing a life of spiritual intimacy and self discovery with holistic spiritual practice. 

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Thriving Phoenix

Thriving Phoenix Academy is the self discovery and creative development hub for those that are ready to unleash their passions and thrive by learning about the power of branding for self and in business.

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