We invest in the most unique and dynamic practioners across the planet offering therapies that your only now beginning to hear about.

This is why House of the Phoenix is an essential venture as we provide practioners that can target your specific needs

From Reiki Infused facials and massages, Crystal Bed technology, Astrology Readings and Psychotherapy

We ensure all our events are emotionally and psychologically safe to be able to indulge within our transformational activities.

Naomi Elliott

Transformative Spiritualist.

Specialises in Shadow Integration, Intergenerational and Self Evolution.

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Dr Sophie Sterling

Psychologist & Feminine Empowerment Coach.

A compassionate and integrative therapist who specialises in multi-dimensional generational healing.

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Jaheal Divine

Beauty & Holistic Therapist.

A specialist in reconnecting you with your inner glow using reiki Infused beauty therapy.

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Patrice Miller

Energy Healing & Tantric Sensuality Specialist.

Helping you transmute emotional bodywork, hold spiritual ceremonies and past life regression sessions.

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