Gift of Wellness

At House of the Phoenix, we are honoured to be in a position to present an innovative solution to wellness with a partnership with the incredible Luxury Spa Retreat Village at Butley Barns in Suffolk.

Gift of Wellness is an community initiative where we choose to stand as a representative of change.

We believe, "If I am well, I can ensure you can be well too".

Whilst spa wellness and alternative therapies are seen as 'luxuries', it should be our birthright like it has always been in ancient times.

We offer Gift Cards/Memberships to invest in a person or a group to be gifted:

- A Luxury Stay at a Spa Wellness Village

- Access to therapy or specialist holistic treatment

So if you know an individual or a group you would like to Give the Gift of wellness we would be honoured if you can join our campaign.

The benefits of this is priceless!

We don't know the unspoken battles people have fought during this time, and so R n R is a Gift that everyone deserves.

So we are thrilled to welcome you to become a part of the biggest healing and transformation movement.

Our gift cards can be used for All House of the Phoenix Treatments and Services that are provided by our Practitioners.