About Us

House of the Phoenix is the 1st Black Owned Transformational Wellness Initiative in the UK

We take an innovative and refreshing approach to retreats, intimate events and remote working.

When viewed against the backdrop of the current global mental health crisis, It's essential that we begin to take change into our own hands.

Environmental health has been an area that has been neglected across society. Our environments need to be reflective of wellness to have a positive impact on our wellbeing.

As Multidimensional Change Agents, we seek to revolutionise the social culture surrounding wellness.

We believe that wellness should not be a Luxury but a birthright to EVERY human being.

ith our collaboration with Suffolk Coastal Retreats, We can offer Corporate teams R n R packages for away trips aswell as an innovative corporate remote working spaces where you can have access to therapeutic, holistic and beauty treatments, creative workshops and fitness regimes.

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