From Mental Hell To A Phoenix

From Mental Hell To A Phoenix

Meet Naomi Elliott also known as the 'Phoenix Priestess'.

True to her name, despite various traumatic events throughout her years, she has risen from the ashes that once threatened to bury her.

One of these events transpired in 2017. The details of which were shared in an episode of the previously streamed Victoria Derbyshire Show. Naomi shared her experiences of the abusive, inhumane conditions black and ethnic minorities are faced with in the mental health systems.

Naomi was unlawfully sectioned twice despite a tribunal ruling that found no issue with the state of her mental health..

Naomi was taunted by health staff, who repeatedly told her to 'kill herself’. Ironically she was denied basic human rights and had to endure limited army showers due to staffs 'fears' she would commit suicide.

Despite the abuse and fears being projected around her, Naomi was experiencing a world within herself. Within that world she found the fullness of her own peace.

Naomi had found an holistic expert who was the only person who understood and could effectively assist Naomi in the approach that she best resonated with.

Focusing on Transpersonal Psychology and the awareness of the soul, a language that Naomi was most familiar with, she was able to effectively communicate what was taking place for her.

One of the issues being faced by traditional psychology is the fact that it does not account for the reality of the impact of trauma on mental health. 

What we know is that trauma recovery can inevitably lead to soul recovery. A soul recovery is the reconnection of ourselves back to a higher sense of purpose.

Following this experience Naomi has published her first book and has become a trusted social presence inspiring those who resonate with her and her story.

Naomi now campaigns for the need to integrate Indigenous Holistic Practices in the health industry, particularly the mental health sector.

Were it not for her connection to her spirituality, Naomi would not have experienced what she identifies as a 'psychogenesis' - a full transformation of the mind that led to the transformation of her entire reality.

The misunderstanding within the mental health sector, and in a case like Naomi’s, is that the cultural expressions and language of indigenous, black and ethnic people are a sign of ill mental health, especially when witnessing an intensive transformational experience such as the one Naomi had. 

Naomi has become passionate about sharing her story to break the stigma surrounding mental health. There needs to be more understanding of our health, our traumas and how they impact us so that we can have compassion to heal and live fuller lives. 


House of the Phoenix seek to campaign for

- More awareness into culturally diverse spiritual experiences to make space for the people unheard and unseen within western society.

- An increase in the social responsibility of wellness, particularly within corporate spaces, with the initiative to pay forward the 'gift of wellness'.

- For more research development and construction into wellness spaces and the integration of alternative health, groundbreaking wellness technology, and treatments.


After the destruction that led to her rebirth, Naomi has now launched her start up, House of the Phoenix. 

Partnering with Butley Barns, a beautiful cottage in a sacred picturesque area of the UK, a spa retreat village has been formed where Naomi is implementing what she describes as 'the Blueprint of the future of wellness'.

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